Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party

This party ended up being so fun to plan and create. Here is a guide on how to throw an easy dinosaur birthday party. The food is all very easy and kid-friendly which leaves plenty of time for fun and games. Dinosaurs are EVERYTHING in our house at the moment. It was no surprise that when my sons 3rd birthday rolled around that it was going to be a dinosaur themed extravaganza. I thought that party decorations and supplies would be easy enough to find but to my surprise when I went to the party store the dino-themed area had been thoroughly picked through. I guess dinosaurs are all the rage right now, it is nice to know I’m not the only Mom out there trying to figure out how to say Micropachycephelosaurus. Thanks to Amazon for saving the day, the party favors, bags, and invitations I used are at the bottom of the post. For the serving trays, I tried to keep everything with a natural theme, thinking about grass, sand, trees and natural colors.  For a game, I filled up plastic Easter eggs and filled them with dino tattoos, stickers, candy, and mini-figures and let the kids have a dinosaur egg hunt using the gift bags to take home their finds. I hope after looking through this post you will have some great easy ideas for your dinosaur themed party.

The Cake

We get our cakes done at our local grocer, I asked for a dinosaur theme with a volcano. She certainly did not disappoint. The dinosaurs on top are some that we brought from home and gave to her prior to making the cake.

The Cake, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party.

The Whole Party Spread

The Party Spread, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party

Easy Herbivore Platter

Standard veggie tray here, french onion dip, a bag of baby carrots, 1 small broccoli crown, 1 cucumber, and 1 bunch of celery. Cut the veggies the night before to save you time the day of the party.

Easy Herbivore Platter, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party.

Brontosaurus Balls

Two packs of cocktail meatballs in the slow cooker with a spicy, sweet barbecue sauce we had. I put them in the pot from frozen in the morning and kept over low, stirring every hour or so.

Brontosaurus Balls, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party.

T-Rex Claws and Scales

Potato chips and Bugle brand corn chips combine for a fun snack. Click here for the exact recipe amounts. Make sure the kids put the “claws” on their fingers before eating!

T Rex scales and Claws, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party

Fossil Cookies

Super easy kid-friendly treat to make. My kids loved stomping the footprint into the cookies. For the exact recipe click here.

Fossil Cookies, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party

Dinosaur Bones

Yogurt covered snacks serve as the bones. Make sure to get the grass and natural liners for maximum effect! There are links to all of the exact items used if you click here.

Raptor Eggs

Here I used my Ranch Deviled Eggs and in the last step before shaking them in the pot to loosen the shell I added 6 drops of neon green food coloring to stain the eggs. I wish I would have taken a picture of the whole egg, they were very cool! You can find tips for perfect hard boiled eggs here. You can make these the night before to save yourself some time the day of the party.

Raptor Eggs, Easy food for a dinosaur birthday party

Pterodactyl Pizza and Carnivore Bites

You can find mini pizzas and dino shaped nuggets in your freezer section at the grocery. Easy peasy, pop them in the oven and you are done! If you are cooking both in the oven at the same time remember you will need more time to cook them, plan for an extra 10 minutes or so.

That’s all she wrote! This party was completely awesome and so easy to throw together. We had just gotten back from Disney the week of the party and I even surprised myself that I was able to pull this off. There is nothing wrong with taking a little help from the store sometimes! If you found these ideas helpful please share them on your favorite social media for everyone to see. Thanks for stopping by!

Dinosaur Party Goods


  1. This is such a cute idea! I don’t have kids but I recently turned godmother to a lovely baby girl. Who knows what she might be into in a couple of years! Your party looks like tons of fun!

  2. This is so creative Ali, its such a good idea for a party. I should say the raptor eggs are so cool, they’re my favorite.

  3. I did a dinosar themed birthday party for my son when he turned 4. Cool party. Those pizza and bites looks super amazing! My son would ask me for something similar for his next birthday too 😀

  4. Oh my gosh, these ideas are adorable! My nephew had a dinosaur party for his birthday last year, I wish I would have seen this before to show my sister. I also may have a dino party in the future with two boys, so I am keeping this for reference!

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